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Industrial fans and blowers are devices that deliver spot cooling and ventilation in various commercial and industrial complexes where industrial air conditioners are unfeasible. The Industrial ventilation products carried by Pacific Western are generally used to get rid of unclean air to keep a working environment as healthy as possible. However they are also used for drying, ventilation, and cooling, along with removing dust and air particles, gas exhausting, air inflation and vacuuming. Industrial fans and blowers serve high volume, high static pressure applications and are ideal for various environments such as underground parking lots, storage facilities, factories, and gymnasiums, etc. These machines are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and constructions to fulfill the needs of almost any industrial and commercial application.

Whether the air is being moved to clear it of toxic gases or it is being moved to provide cooling, a blower has to have enough power to perform its job properly. Pacific Western and it's highly experienced team will assist you in determining your factory / warehouse / commercial ventilation needs.

Air Circulators
We carry a comprehensive line of factory fans Ideally suited for use in large, non-air conditioned facilities, which require general air circulation, providing spot cooling where long aisles and production lines exist. The types of air circulators are: extra heavy duty, heavy duty oscillating, automotive, specialty washdown, utility, modular loading dock fans, commercial belt drive drum blowers, heavy duty pedestal, industrial oscillating and non-oscillating, specialty industrial, industrial floor, direct drive portable blowers and industrial belt drive portable blowers.
Ceiling Fans
We offer heavy duty commercial ceiling fans, specialty ceiling fans, heavy duty / high-performance industrial ceiling fans, controllers and accessories.
Exhaust Fans
Direct drive Man-Coolers, permanent mount blowers, heavy duty belt drive, tube-axial belt drive duct fans, belt drive roof ventilators, belt drive hooded roof ventilators, insulated roof curbs, belt-driven Man-Coolers, industrial belt drive exhaust fans, heavy duty direct driven exhaust, tube-axial direct drive duct, direct drive roof ventilators, package wall exhaust / intake fans, fan guards and shutters.
Portable Fans and Blowers
Oscillating wall / desk fans, wall / bench mounted fans, portable utility blowers, retro-styled portable circulators and portable blowers.
Commercial Bath Fans
We carry the industry's most efficient and top-of-the-line commercial bathroom fans and ventilators.

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