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When deciding on which types of pallet racks you should use, one must consider such factors as the frame depth, the pallet overhangs, the frame height, the beam length, and back-to-back clearance and anchoring. The height of the pallet should also be considered while designing the system or bigger products cannot be fitted.

The pallet racks are generally made of sheet metal, angles of pallet frames, and pallet rack beams. They are multi-level units that are used to stack heavy pallets on. Racks are used to store a variety of materials such as finished products, work in process material, rejected goods, inventory items and assembly materials. Goods can be placed in a pallet rack system with fork lifts and pallet trucks.


Pallet Racks
Our many lines of Pallet Racks are carefully engineered systems designed to provide highly efficient storage of palletized items. Excellent design features combined with the use of high strength steel produces a superior pallet rack that can handle nearly any job you can give it.

The following is a list of the wide range of features and components that make our Racks some of the best values for your storage dollar.


Design Features
The basic components of Pallet Racks are Upright Frames and Beams. Each is manufactured to exacting tolerances to provide many years of dependable service at their rated loads.


Pallet Rack Beams
The manufacturers that we represent have engineered roll-formed one-piece beams to achieve the highest possible strength-to-weight ratios in the most frequently desired load ratings through the use of efficient design and high strength steel.

Beams are offered in different vertical profiles and steel gauges. Beam step heights of 7/8" and 1-5/8" are available for a wide variety of accessory use. Both the overlapping seam and the beam end connector are securely MIG welded for strength.

The face of the beam has an M-design recessed configuration for added strength, protecting the locking key, and to accept pressure sensitive labeling. Each beam is stamped with an identifying letter referring to the load bearing capacity. Beams are finished in 710 Safety Yellow baked enamel for high visibility.


Pallet Rack Frames
Our Pallet Rack Upright Frames are available in five different load carrying ranges. A letter code stamped into the face of the post indicates the frame type. Depths of 30", 36", 42", 48", 54" and 60" are standard, but other depths are available. Standard heights range from 48" to 240" in 6" increments, but greater heights can be achieved when splices are used.

Beam heights adjust on 3" vertical centers, and are independent on each side of the frame. Beams of any type can be placed along the full height of the post; there are no dead spots on the post, even across a splice. Various load rated frames can be combined in a row of rack for maximum economy.

Our Pallet Rack Upright Frames are furnished completely fabricated, welded into rigid units. Standard finish for upright frames is 028 Gray baked enamel.

We recommend that all upright frames be securely anchored to the floor for safety.

Pallet Rack Accessories

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